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Cross cutting machine

Cross cutting machine
Release time: 2017-9-26

Characteristics and uses:

Roll paper cross-cutting machine is a very powerful function in web paper cutting equipment. It has the characteristics of stable operation, convenient operation, fast speed, high accuracy, strong adaptability and high output. DX-1400 / 1700/1900 servo drive computer high-speed high-precision web paper cross-cutting machine Cross cutting machine is a kind of paper processing equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high stability.

Technical Parameters:

1. Specification model: DX-1400 / 1700/1900

2. Paper cutting form: upper knife roll cutting, lower knife fixed

3. Applicable paper range: 55-550g

4. Cutting accuracy: ± 0.5mm

5. Maximum cutting speed: 300m / min

6. Range of cutting length: 450 ~ 1450mm

7. Maximum web diameter: 1800mm

8. Maximum web size: 1400/1700/1900

9. Total machine weight: 11500kg / 13000kg / 14000kg

Performance and characteristics:

1.AC servo motor drive, paper cutting speed is fast and stable.

2. German precision cutting knife, cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm.

3.Three-component knife can be used for trimming and cutting the paper section.

4. Touch-screen computer interface operation, easy to operate.

5. Automatic edge guide system and tension control system, smooth paper feeding, square and precise cutting.

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