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Release time: 2017-9-26

Uses: This machine is mainly used to rewind various industrial papers into finished paper rolls with width and tightness.

Technical Parameters:

1. Rewinding material: 30 ~ 350g / m 2 various papers.

2. Maximum width of raw materials: 1800mm

3. Maximum cutting speed: 180m / min. (Slitting speed depends on the material)

4. Maximum unwinding load: 2000kg; maximum unwinding diameter: φ1500mm.

5. Maximum rewinding load: 2000kg; Maximum rewinding diameter: φ1500mm.

6. Maximum rewinding width: 1800mm.

7. Unevenness of winding is less than ± 0.50mm.

8. Air pressure: 7kg / cm.

9. Appearance of machine: 6500mm * 2200mm * 1580mm.

10. Machine weight: about 7.5 tons.

Performance and characteristics:

PLC控制并采用触屏人机界面进行集中操作,更灵活、方便,从而提高工作效率。 The whole machine is controlled by PLC and adopts touch screen man-machine interface for centralized operation, which is more flexible and convenient, thereby improving work efficiency.

The host adopts vector variable frequency drive.

Unwinding is a shaftless hydraulic unwinding device, equipped with magnetic powder brake, automatic tension, automatic deviation correction heeling system.

Wind up with air shaft.

Manual adjustment of lotus leaf device.

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