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Printing slitting machine

Printing slitting machine
Release time: 2017-9-26

Uses: This machine is suitable for printing and slitting of paper tube label paper, with high efficiency and easy operation. It is an ideal equipment for the printing slitting industry.

Technical Parameters:

1. Printing slitting material: 60 ~ 400g / m 2 various papers.

2. Maximum material width: printing 1270mm, slitting 1600mm.

3. Maximum mechanical speed: 270m / min. (Slitting speed depends on the material, printing 80m / min)

4. Maximum unwinding load: 2000kg; maximum unwinding diameter: φ1470mm.

5.Unwinding width 600-1600mm.

6. Maximum rewinding load: 2000kg; maximum rewinding diameter: φ1200mm.

7. Maximum cutting width: 1600mm.

8. Unevenness of winding is less than ± 0.50mm.

9, the total power of the machine: AC380V four-wire about 16KW.

10. Air source pressure: 7kg / cm 2

11. Appearance of machine: 3750mm × 2600mm × 1200mm (length × width × height)

12. Machine weight: about 4 tons.

Performance and characteristics:

1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and uses the touch screen human-machine interface to centrally operate the whole machine, which is more flexible and convenient, thereby improving work efficiency.

2, automatic meter counting, preset automatic shutdown; intuitive display of winding tension.

3. Shaftless unwinding, hydraulic lifting material, unwinding with magnetic powder brake.

4. One-color flexo printing group, two-stage tension control.

5. The computer automatically controls the tension system.

6. Equipped with pressurized oven and waste absorption device.