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Printing slitting machine

Printing slitting machine
Release time: 2017-9-26

,效率高、操作简便,是印刷分切行业的理想设备。 Uses: This machine is suitable for printing and slitting of paper tube label paper , with high efficiency and easy operation. It is an ideal equipment for the printing slitting industry.

Technical Parameters:

60~400g/m 2各类纸。 1. Printing slitting materials: 60 ~ 400g / m 2 various papers.

1270mm、分切1600mm. 2. Maximum width of raw materials: printing 1270mm, slitting 1600mm.

3. Maximum mechanical speed: 270m / min . (Slitting speed depends on the material, printing 80m / min)

2000kg ;最大放卷直径: φ1470mm。 4. Maximum unwinding load: 2000kg ; maximum unwinding diameter: φ1470mm.

5.Unwinding width 600-1600mm.

2000kg ;最大收卷直径: φ1200mm。 6. Maximum rewinding load: 2000kg ; Maximum rewinding diameter: φ1200mm.

7. Maximum cutting width: 1600mm.

±0.50mm。 8. Unevenness of winding is less than ± 0.50mm.

16KW。 9, the total power of the machine: AC380V four-wire about 16KW.

10. Air source pressure: 7kg / cm 2

×宽×高) 11. Appearance of machine: 3750mm × 2600mm × 1200mm (length × width × height)

4吨。 12. Machine weight: about 4 tons.

Performance and characteristics:

1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and uses the touch screen human-machine interface to centrally operate the whole machine, which is more flexible and convenient, thereby improving work efficiency.

2, automatic meter counting, preset automatic shutdown; intuitive display of winding tension.

3. Shaftless unwinding, hydraulic lifting material, unwinding with magnetic powder brake.

4. One-color flexo printing group, two-stage tension control.

5. The computer automatically controls the tension system.

6. Equipped with pressurized oven and waste absorption device.