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Cross cutting machine

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Cross cutting machine belongs to carton processing machinery. The cross-cutting machine in the corrugated cardboard production line is the machinery and equipment for the cutting of the finished cardboard by the cadres. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment directly affect the cutting accuracy of the finished cardboard, whether the creasing line is broken, and whether the appearance of the cut is smooth and beautiful.

Slitting and Rewinding Machine

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1. The slitting and rewinding machine will cut the entire roll or the entire raw material at a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, etc. Cut control. 2.Slitting length can be set continuously

Matters needing attention after the cross-cutting machine is finished

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After the cross-cutting machine is finished, clean up the ash and paper scraps on the equipment in time, check the cutters and sharpening wheels, drain the oil and water in the high water device and the gas storage tank, and check whether there is any abnormality in the running parts. Then, cut off the power according to the operation requirements of the manual and maintain it.

What is the effect of the cross-cutting blade

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At present, the cross-cutting machine is mainly used for the cross-cutting of leather, paper, plastic film, rubber, PP, PVC, copper foil and aluminum foil. The quality of the blade directly determines the efficiency of the cross-cutting machine. Its device! Crosscutting machine blades are used in crosscutting machines.
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